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One of Hawaii's best motivational speakers and corporate trainers


Professional Development Workshops


Being certain that people have the skills they need to perform their job at the highest proficiency level is one of the most important aspects of a successful organization.    


Annabel’s training workshops strengthens skills, improves performance, increases efficiency, enhances customer service and creates a more positive environment. A customized program is designed to suit your organizational needs.


Topics include:

Handling Change in Challenging Times

Whether it is change in your organization, your job, a relationship, or your health, major transitions are difficult for everyone. Do you collapse under pressure or do you relish the opportunity for growth? Your attitude, perspective and actions make all the difference.


When change happens suddenly, it’s like a Hawaii volcano erupting -- the turmoil disrupts everything. The lava eventually cools but we can become stuck and not able to move forward with our life.


Annabel will show you how to see the positive benefits of change and how to turn disruption and pain into new opportunities. She will teach you how to see what’s good about change and how to create options and solutions. You will be able to see things differently, start fresh and move from tragedy to triumph.


When you have mastered the skills to effectively deal with professional and personal change, you will be more adaptable, more resilient and achieve even greater results in your life. You will learn how to:

  • Appreciate the benefits of change

  • Understand the dynamics of change

  • Overcome resistance to change

  • Navigate the four phases of change

  • Understand how different personalities and generations respond to change

  • Assess the risks and rewards of change

  • Prepare and plan for change

  • Create an action plan to implement change


This workshop will give you the tools, resources and practical strategies to handle difficult challenges and create a lasting and meaningful outcome.

Leading and Managing Organizational Change

Customers, products, and markets are changing faster than ever. Companies that anticipate change and adapt quickly are far more able to grow and succeed than those that are stuck in business as usual.


To have a competitive advantage you must identify and evaluate which aspects of your company, its people, processes, or culture require change. And then you need to successfully implement the change while overcoming resistance and conflict.


Change and transition is difficult for everyone yet is absolutely required in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment. As a leader you must be able to embrace change to move your organization forward. Topics include:

  • Appreciating the benefits of change

  • Understanding the dynamics of change

  • Overcoming resistance to change

  • Planning for the four phases of change

  • Understanding how different personalities & generations respond to change

  • Communicating with stakeholders about impending change

  • Assessing the risks and rewards of change

  • Preparing, planning, and implementing organizational change

  • Leading others through the process of change

  • Strategies to gain acceptance of change

  • Creating an action plan for success


This workshop will give you the tools, resources and practical strategies to prepare and lead your group through meaningful organizational transition.


Building Long-Term Client and Customer Relationships

To succeed in business and to be profitable, you and your employees must know how to instantly build long-term client and customer relationships. In this workshop, you will learn how to quickly build a relationship of trust and deliver exactly what your clients or customers want without missing the mark.


You will know how to instill a sense of urgency and learn how to get and keep clients and customers. You will learn how to use words, body language, and vocal inflection for successful communication, how to quickly close the deal and create ongoing business.


Preventing and Resolving Conflict

Do you dread conflict? A lot of people can’t stand the thought of confronting someone over a work-related issue. They either avoid confrontation or end up saying things they regret later. No one likes holding on to bad feelings but most people don’t know what to do.


How you handle conflict and confrontation can cost you a lot in your professional and personal life. Unresolved anger, frustration and damaged workplace relationships mean lost time and reduced productivity not to mention being unhappy. Topics include how to:

  • Get to the real cause of the problem

  • Disarm disagreeable people

  • Defuse tense situations

  • Handle anger (your own and others’)


You’ll also learn “what to say when” scripts for specific conflict situations so you will never be at a loss for the right words again.


The skills and tips you’ll get at this workshop will change your life. You’ll gain more cooperation from others, strengthen workplace relationships, enjoy your job more, be more productive, decrease your stress, and earn the respect of others you work with. 

Implementing Effective Communication Skills

One of the biggest problems today is that people don’t really know how to communicate with coworkers and customers. How customers are treated determines how they feel about your organization. Morale declines and employee satisfaction drops when employees have conflicts and aren’t able to resolve them.


The key to increasing workplace productivity and providing great customer service is learning and using effective communication skills. The result is lower operating costs and increased revenue.


In this workshop, Annabel teaches practical and effective communication strategies that can be utilized immediately. Your team will learn how to:

  • Develop rapport with anyone

  • Get your points across easier

  • Make a positive impression when you speak

  • Resolve personality conflicts quickly

  • Stay calm and focused in tough situations

  • Create solutions to the most challenging problems


Mastering Leadership Strategies

From entry level workers to the CEO, everyone can improve their leadership skills. The better able you are to lead others the more successful and fulfilling your work will be. The purpose of this workshop is to accelerate leadership effectiveness by learning practical tools which can be applied immediately in any job. You will learn how to:

  • Develop new capacities to navigate leadership challenges

  • Identify areas of strengths and opportunities for change

  • Create an inspiring future vision

  • Lead with clarity and purpose

  • Identify opportunities for professional and personal growth

  • Increase resilience and overcome obstacles

  • Create a specific implementation action plan


It is crucial that leaders understand their behavior and what is driving it. In this workshop you will use a powerful assessment tool that reveals strengths and limitations. You will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your leadership patterns and your impact on others.


This dynamic, powerful, and fulfilling workshop will stimulate leadership development and deep personal growth which will help you manage teams more effectively.


Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

Do you want to have customers who are thrilled with your service? Everyone thinks they know what outstanding customer service is, yet few people practice it. The difference is a company that is truly successful rather than one that is just barely making it.


Learn the secrets to outstanding customer service and how you and your employees can internalize these secrets immediately without wasting more time and money. This seminar must be attended by all who interact with customers and clients.

Managing Conflicting Personalities in the Workplace

The biggest challenge most people face in the work environment is how to communicate and get along with people who have conflicting personalities. Conflicts waste time, money and productivity. In this training session you will gain powerful skills and techniques for understanding and working with people who otherwise would be “difficult”. This communication system is simple, easy to learn and extremely effective. After the session you will be able to successfully work with many different types of people, prevent problems and overcome obstacles.


Developing Superb Presentation Skills

How you deliver your message is critical to your success. In this workshop, you will learn the essential skills of being a great speaker including how to:

  • Create dynamic and outstanding presentations

  • Turn fear into positive energy

  • Deliver a powerful message

  • Move your audience to take action


Stand out, be memorable, and become a masterful communicator. Annabel is an award-winning motivational speaker who has taught the art of public speaking to thousands of people. Learn from the best!


Utilizing Successful Negotiation Tactics

Knowing how to negotiate is critical to achieving professional as well as personal success. Whether it’s a million dollar sale, the purchase of a home, or a building lease, negotiating is an important part of every business. The better you are at negotiating, the more successful your organization will be. Through a step-by-step process, Annabel will show you how to improve your negotiating skills and help your organization become more efficient and productive.


Coaching Employees for Optimal Results

As a manager, wouldn’t you like to have dedicated, effective and loyal employees who love what they do and communicate their enthusiasm to your customers? A great leader knows how to bring out the best in others. In this session you will learn how to coach your employees to achieve peak performance. Annabel will teach the essential ingredients of great coaching which will empower you as a leader to uplift those who work for you.

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Annabel presented great workshops that focused on the specific areas that we can immediately use to improve our business and be more successful.

     Douglas Lee, President, American Council of Engineering Companies of Hawaii

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